MAKE & DO #2

Complete the sentences with the correct form of either 'make' or 'do'.
He had difficulty ends meet on his salary.
Please take a seat and yourself at home.
Don’t have anything to with them. They can’t be trusted.
The article a lot of damage to his reputation.
How would you like your steak ? — Rare, please.
She had to without her laptop while it was being repaired.
The new manager some redundancies as soon as he arrived.
Please your best to get the report finished before you leave.
I need to a phone call. Could I borrow your mobile?
How did you in the interview? — Quite well, I think.
Don’t forget to your hair before you go to the interview.
Take this medicine. It will you feel better.
We’ve been business in China for over ten years.
They him an offer he couldn’t refuse.
Who your accounts for you last year?
I could with a glass of wine. It’s been a hard day!