MAKE & DO #1

Complete the sentences with the correct form of either 'make' or 'do'.
What do you for a living? — I’m in renewables.
You seem to have a mistake in your invoice.
He his fortune in real estate.
What have I with my keys? I can’t find them anywhere!
I haven’t got cash. Will a cheque ?
We haven’t got much time. You'll have to a decision soon.
I'm writing to an appointment with you.
We’ve away with the fax machine.
The thieves away with £30m of diamonds.
What time do you it? — Nearly nine o’clock.
Have a gin & tonic. It will you good.
Can you me a favour? I need you to check these figures for me.
It no difference to me if the boss is male or female.
That will ! We won’t get anywhere arguing like this.
It’s very important to a good impression at this meeting.
Please sure you’ve switched off all the lights before you leave.